Kita Designs

Restoring Hope- Together.

"I owe it to you..."

Andi Hrabar

When we started Kita Designs in May of 2017, our goal was to provide alternative employment for women who were being prostituted in our town. We gave them jobs with no strings attached- they weren't required to leave prostitution, move, or give up smoking and drinking. I mean, why give them another reason to lie to us? The one thing we asked was that they attend staff sharing time every morning. And stop saying the "F" word. Our theory was that eventually they would tire of going from darkness to light, and one or the other would win out. Well, we were right. After a few months of trying to keep up both jobs, "Yvonne" came to work and told our manager, "I don't do that other work anymore. I quit. You gave me a chance to start over and change my life, and I owe it to you to choose this life. Pray for me to be strong." 

And she has remained strong. She stopped using bad language. She participates in our daily Bible studies. Her life is still rough. But slowly, ever so slowly, Yvonne is walking into the light.