Kita Designs

Restoring Hope- Together.

I’ve never seen someone, with tears in their eyes, speak with such conviction about thankfulness for their job.
— Volunteer at Kita Designs

The Name

kita - /kēytah/ -
an Indonesian pronoun meaning us (inclusive).


We’re all in it together: artisans, staff, volunteers and customers. Working to restore hope to sexually exploited and at-risk women.


Opened in 2017, Kita Designs is a holistic and socially conscious non-profit that provides jobs to oppressed women.

After working together canvasing brothel areas and teaching English, a local partner’s vision along with the spunky determination of a mentor and a friend, lead to our development and growth.


Our focus is holistic restoration. Artisans are taught valuable skills (budgeting, parenting, computer, English, etc.) as well as receive counseling, encouragement, prayer and a fair wage while working in a safe environment.

Your purchase of $35 USD provides a salary for one week to create a better reality for these precious women.