Kita Designs

Restoring Hope- Together.

Kita Designs cooperates with a safe house for trafficking survivors to help them recover. Several of our artisans live there as they regain their independence.

The Name

"Kita" is an Indonesian pronoun. It means “us,” but specifically an inclusive “us.”

All of us.

At Kita Designs, we’re all in it together. 
Artisans, staff, and teachers. Volunteers and customers. All of us, working together to make a better life and restore hope to exploited women.


Opened in 2017, Kita Designs is a holistic employment center that provides jobs to sexually exploited and at risk women. 

 In addition to learning valuable handicraft skills, they also learn life skills like business, budgeting, parenting, computers, and English.


They receive counseling and encouragement, and hear that they are valued every day. They are prayed for, and loved, and they work in a safe environment where they receive a fair wage.

Your purchase of their quality workmanship provides a salary at a job they can be proud of. Thank you for partnering with us to create a better reality for these precious women. 

I can’t believe that something I made is being worn by Americans! I never dreamed that I could learn to do something like this. I’m so fancy!
— Sarah*, a Kita Designs artisan (name changed for privacy)